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Service Prices

Explore our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Dog-$​32 a night

Cat-$14 a night 

10% off each additional dog 

Holidays can be $2-$4 dollars cheaper than the standard rate! 

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Non-Profit Rescue Partners


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Terms and Conditions


Please BE on time! We are a schedule by appointment only kennel. This is our business and our home, so we live and work around you!


Keep in mind, we have to make sure we have room before we can approve your requested dates. You MUST receive a confirmation email of approval from​ us for it to be official! Please give us some time to r​eview your request and we will confirm or deny your request as soon as possible.


Please DO NOT bring blankets, bowls or toys. Don't worry. We provide those things! Just bring food, vaccination records, and medications if any.


Please bring ALL food rationed in a sealed container or bin of some sort. We want to keep our facilities rodent free!



We kindly ask that you please allow for at least 2 WEEKS to pass after going to the veterinarian office or the dog park before coming to your scheduled boarding or daycare appointment. This is to ensure a lower rate of bacterial or viral transfer and exposure for our happy wagging customers staying with us. Remember, just because your dog is vaccinated, doesn't mean your dog or other pets still can't get sick! We appreciate you working with us to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our treasured pets! 

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